Chai is a slow food. Take time to prepare it well. Savor it. Let your mind rest while you drink it. And, of course, start with the perfect concentrate – one that is brewed with a healthy respect for tradition, purity, balance, patience and focus.

  • Tradition

    Our chai starts with a recipe that was carried back from the famed Karakorum region of Pakistan. You will not find a chai like it anywhere but the Karakorum.

  • Purity

    A great tasting chai must be made with superior ingredients. We are dedicated to using only pure ingredients in our brewery. This means our chai is crafted using only whole spices, organic tea, organic cane juice and purified British Columbia Mountain water. You will never find an additive or preservative in our chai.

  • Balance

    One of the keys to making chai is finding the right balance of flavors. Our chai combines cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove and ginger with just the right amount of cane juice, vanilla and molasses for a perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

  • Patience

    Our secret ingredient is patience – you simply can’t rush perfection. Every batch of chai has spices steeped for 20 hours, resulting in our signature flavor. Our slow brewing method is aligned with the principles of Slow Food, which promotes the importance of food traditions and rediscovering taste. Take time to prepare your food, and take time to enjoy your food. Our chai is slow brewed; you should drink it slowly, too.

  • Focus

    As our name implies, our focus is on chai. Every batch is handcrafted by our Brewmaster in a state-of-the-art micro-brewing facility. It is all about attention to detail. Small batches brewed by real people results in the best-brewed chai this side of the Himalaya’s.

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