From its inception, The Chai Company has been a business strongly rooted in local community and the environment. Can chai make the world a better place? We think so!

  • Environment

    We have taken several key steps to lessen our impact on the environment:

    • Our higher concentration means less packaging, less storage, less post consumer waste and fewer trucks on the road.
    • Using organic ingredients is an earth-friendly approach to brewing great tasting chai.
    • Our organic waste, consisting of tealeaves and spices, is recycled by local farmers as compost.
    • Our paperboard package comes from a renewable resource.
  • Ethical Sourcing

    Where possible we source our ingredients directly from farmers and farmer based co-ops ensuring they receive equitable pricing for their crops. This allows farmers and workers in developing countries to make a better living through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship. Drinking our chai enriches the soul by supporting ethical sourcing and the environment.

  • Our Mantra

    At The Chai Company, we strive to be authentic in everything we do - the way we make our chai, the way we interact with our customers and suppliers, the way we treat our employees and the way we lead our lives. We are committed to the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for our employees and our surroundings.

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